Our new cool and freezing facilities are fully operating

Since beginning 2019 the storage capacity at Airpharm Pratteln underwent an important increase:
a new +5°C cool room with a surface of 800 m2 and a new freezing room by -20°C with a surface of 400 m2 have been installed in the basement of the warehouse.
Both are exclusively dedicated to the storage of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms. The rooms are equipped with racks and metal shelves to allow the orderly storage of pallets and packages off the floor.

The 5°C cool room is built with polyurethane wall isolating panels with a thickness of 120 mm, floor isolation 140 mm thick, and is provided of four evaporators (one for each corridor).
The evaporators are operated by three compressors for the generation of the cold, using propane as refrigerant. The system is conceived in a way that one compressor serves two evaporators. One spare compressor can replace one of the other two in case of failure. The compressors work alternatively, in order to avoid that only one is permanently turned off.
The coolant for the distribution of the cold to the evaporators is a mix of water/ethylene glycol 34%.
The refrigerating liquid of the compressors circulates in an external heat exchanger, where the waste heat is also used for the heating of the basement in winter.

The -20°C freezing room is built with polyurethane floor isolating panels with 200mm thickness in two shifted layers, walls and ceiling 200 mm isolation. It is provided with two evaporators, operated by two separate deep-freezing CO2 units for the generation of the cold.
The system is conceived in a way that the temperature in the freezing room can be maintained with only one evaporator working.

The whole plant is conceived in order to assure the best efficiency by reducing the environmental impact. The refrigerants (propane and CO2) do not affect the ozone layer and the necessary quantities are so small that, even in case of leakage of the pipes, the impact on the environment would be negligible. The technology is state-of-the-art and allows also to reduce the power consumption by maintaining the best performance.

New version of Incoterms 2020

From January 1st 2020 a new version of Incoterms will be in force.

Incoterms defines the contractual clauses, which are used in national and international business for the clear definition of the duties of seller and buyer. Incoterms is a registered, protected trademark of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).

Normally a new version is published at the beginning of each new decade.

The main changes from the 2010 version are:

  1. Bills of lading with an on- board notation and the FCA Incoterms rule
  2. Costs, where they are listed (at A9/B9 of each rule, instead at A6/B6)
  3. C Different levels of insurance cover in CIF and CIP
  4. Arranging for carriage with seller’s or buyer’s own means of transport in FCA, DAP, DPU and DDP
  5. Change in three-letter initials for DAT to DPU (Delivered at Place Unloaded)
  6. Inclusion of security-related requirements within carriage obligations and costs
  7. Explanatory notes for users

The details are well written in the book “Incoterms 2020”.


On April 2nd, 2019 we received the periodical inspection of the Regional Inspectorate for Medicines (RHINW).
The inspection had a positive outcome and the GMP and GDP certificates will be renewed by Swissmedic.


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